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Drama galore in Sony show

Prithvi to defeat Kallari in Prithvi Vallabh

Sony Entertainment Television’s Prithvi Vallabh (Writers Galaxy) never fails to entertain viewers with intriguing drama.

In the forthcoming episode, Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) decides to go to Manyakhet. However, his decision surprise everyone. Rajmata will also tell Prithvi that if Kallari (Mukesh Rishi) permits him, he can go.

Later, Kallari will tell Prithvi that the only condition in which he will allow Prithvi to go to Manyakhet is if Prithvi will be able to defeat him in wrestling.

Prithvi will accept the challenge and the two will fight it out. Prithvi would manage to defeat Kallari in wrestling and will get the permission to go to Manyakhet

What will happen next?

Stay tuned for more interesting updates.

We buzzed the actors but they were busy shooting.

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