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Drama galore in Sony TV's Prithvi Vallabh

Prithvi to kill Moolraaj and rescue Kallari in Prithvi Vallabh


Sony Entertainment Television’s Prithvi Vallabh (Writer’s Galaxy) is enthralling audience with intriguing twists and turns.

In the coming episode, Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) will explain Mrinal (Sonarika Bhadoria) the real reason for being around her disguised as a dacoit. Meanwhile, Sindhu and his associates would make Kallari unconscious and capture him in the hideout itself.”

Meanwhile, seeing the happy union of Prithvi and Mrinal, Sulochna will appreciate Mrinal’s decision but would be taken aback when Mrinal will reveal it’s all a plan to exact revenge.

After informing Singhdant about the union with Mrinal, Prithvi will get to know that Kallari is absconding. Prithvi will set out in the search of Moolraaj Solanki. After extracting the information about Kallari’s whereabouts, Prithvi will kill Moolraaj and rescue Kallari.

Later, Kallari will informs Prithvi about Sindhu’s involvement in the attempt to kill them in the hideout. Upon reaching Malwa, Sindhu would murder Singhdant and the entire blame will be put on Mrinal.

What will happen next? Will she manage to escape?

We called the actors but the remained unavailable for a comment.

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