Sony Sab recently launched the slice-of-life show Pushpa Impossible and it has been ruling hearts with interesting storylines. According to the storyline, Nilima and Pushpa come to know from the nurse that Bapodra came to meet Ramesh in the hospital. They are shocked since Bapodra never cared for anyone in the chawl much less cared about anybody’s health. At home, Pushpa and Nilima sit to discuss this and Nilima says that she has never seen Ramesh talk with Bapodra ever. Pushpa is determined to find the truth behind Bapodra visiting Ramesh.

Now, in the coming episode, Kunjbala is shocked to know that Deepti’s marriage is done to a family living in a Chawl. She is first of all very against the fact that such an educated and beautiful girl like her granddaughter Deepti will marry anybody from a chawl. Sonal tries to calm her down saying that it is a love marriage. Kunjbala refutes Sonal saying it doesn’t matter if it is a love marriage. Then she asked if they have matched the Kundlis of the two. To which the whole family remains silent. She then states that if the Kundlis don’t match then she won’t allow the marriage.

What will happen next?

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