The school’s fate of receiving the grant falls on Pushpa’s shoulders in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

Pushpa Impossible is a story of a courageous, warm-hearted, strong-willed woman fighting against all odds in her daily life. Karuna Pandey playing the role of Pushpa has become an audience favorite with her seemingly flawless performance on the show. The new episode will unravel the muddled situation where Pushpa is gearing up for an exam in spite of being kicked out of school.

A Canadian university decides to give them a large grant in recognition of the school’s noble decision to admit a woman in her 40s in their school. They have no idea that the said lady, Pushpa, has been unfairly expelled from school. The school suggests admitting her back, in their time of need, but Nanavati rightly chastises them for their petty ideas. Pushpa, on the other hand, recommends a solution: she will give an exam created by the university that will determine whether or not the school receives the grant. The university gives her three weeks, and her preparations begin with everyone pitching in to help her.

Will Pushpa pass the exams? Will she go to Canada to receive the grant?

Karuna Pandey, who plays Pushpa, says, “This upcoming track just shows how selfless and pure hearted Pushpa is. In Spite of the injustice she faced, she is ready to help the school in their time of need. She is an inspiration for me and hopefully for all of you to help others in need as much as you can without a second thought. Going to Canada to receive the grant will be like a dream come true for Pushpa but will this be successful? You’ll have to watch the show to know!”

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