Loyal viewers of Sony SAB’s slice-of-life show Pushpa Impossible, produced by Jamnadas Majethia under Hats Off Productions, can gear up for interesting drama. According to the storyline, Dilip’s laptop mysteriously disappears, leading him to cause a commotion in the chawl. He insists that the police thoroughly search every household, emphasizing the need to investigate Pushpa’s residence as he accuses her of stealing the laptop. This unexpected accusation takes Pushpa aback.

In the coming episode, the police search Pushpa’s house and find the laptop in Pushpa’s cupboard. However, Pushpa refuses to believe so and mentions that she has not stolen the laptop. Later, Deepti remembers that she had left the device in Pushpa’s cupboard. When the blame come on Deepti, her mother Sonal, gets angry and creates chaos in the house, blaming the Patel family for ruining her daughter’s life.

What will unfold next? Will Deepti get arrested?

Pushpa Impossible is the story of Pushpa Patel, a feisty, fun-loving, strong-willed, and self-made woman who sets out on an unconventional path to achieve a life of respect and dignity. Bringing alive the various shades of Pushpa’s colorful personality on screen is ace actress and performer Karuna Pandey. She is joined by a stellar cast, including Naveen Pandita, Darshan Gurjar, Deshna Dugad, Garima Parihar, and Bhakti Rathod.

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