Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible, delves into the extraordinary journey of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), a single mother, as she navigates her new-found goal of helping the female weavers of Patola.

As per the plot, Pushpa’s passion drives her to champion the rights of female weavers, she finds herself locked in a fierce battle against Viren (Hemant Kumar). Viren’s nefarious intentions center around dismantling Pushpa’s dreams, particularly her aspiration to launch her very own Patola weaving business. Through cunning schemes and malicious plots, Viren sets his sights on quashing Pushpa’s indomitable spirit.

Later, the narrative takes a suspenseful turn when Pushpa makes a pivotal decision to rally the women weavers. Seeking to empower them, she journeys to Raanki, only to be drawn into an unexpected invitation by none other than Viren himself.

Now in the coming episode, Dipti goes for her check-up at a clinic. However, she comes across a shocking truth about her pregnancy. The doctor informs Dipti that she can never conceive a child and can never have a baby. This truth shatters Dipti and she struggles with the truth.

Pushpa Impossible Ep 761 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Juggal starts working on the handloom while Golu tries to tell Mahendra about his childhood photo. Later, Golu tells Ayushi about his childhood picture.

Will Dipti reveal the truth to Ashwin?