Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak the Colors television show produced by BBC and MAJ Productions is headed towards its climax this week. Colors will kickstart its next launch, the supernatural show Suhaagan Chudail featuring Nia Sharma. The climax plot of Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak has started with the expose of the antagonists. We saw how Raj (Karamm Rajpal) and Poonam (Trupti Mishra) got Shaina (Madirakshi Mundle) married to Vicky. We also saw how Raj and Poonam got to the girl who was believed to be dead. Shaina shot Sumitra (Pallavi Rao) post which the story took to the climax zone.

The upcoming episode will see Raj and Poonam (Trupti Mishra) being happy that Sumitra survived the gun shot and has been discharged from hospital. However, Poonam will worry over Raj’s life. During the Mata ki Jagrata, when all in the family will be away, Sumitra will play her last game by strangulating Raj to death. After Raj will be strangulated and hanged, she will plan to make his car fall off the cliff. Sumitra will do the same, and the family will soon mourn the death of Raj.

However, it will be revealed that Poonam had saved Raj just before Sumitra planned to push the car off the cliff. Raj and Poonam will plan their ultimate game when Raj will appear before Sumitra, asking him why she killed him. Sumitra will get hysterical on seeing Raj before her eyes, even after his death.

Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak Ep 83 22nd May Written Episode Update

Shaina shot at Poonam, but the bullet hit Sumitra. She was admitted to the hospital. Poonam told the family about Sumitra’s intent to kill Raj. But none believed in it.

Will Raj and Poonam get the confession out of Sumitra?

Starring actors Karamm Rajpal and Trupti Mishra in lead roles, the show chronicles the immortal love story of Rajneesh, a city-bred medical student, and Poornima, a resilient village girl; they fall for each other and unite with an eternal promise to stay together forever.