Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak the Colors television show produced by BBC and MAJ Productions is headed towards its climax and closure. However, there are a lot of loose ends to be tied up in this reincarnation love story plot that has given audiences an engaging time. The time is now up for the antagonists in the show, with Raj (Karamm Rajpal) and Poonam (Trupti Mishra) joining hands to fight against all odds. We wrote about Shaina (Madirakshi Mundle) forcing Raj to marry her so that he could save Poonam from disgrace and arrest. We also told our loyal readers about Poonam, Chirag, Geetu and Shrey capturing Vicky (Ankit Raj) and finding out that he is the hooded man who supports Shaina.

The upcoming episode will build up on the tension of Shaina and Raj’s marriage. Raj and Poonam will be tense and will want to find a way out to escape the wedding and trap Shaina. There will be a high-voltage drama with Shaina and Raj coming to the mandap for the wedding. The wedding will happen amidst Poonam shedding tears. However, it will later be revealed that the groom under the sehra who married Shaina, will not be Raj but will be Vicky.

Raj and Poonam will disclose their truth in front of all that will leave Shaina crestfallen. To add to the miseries, Poonam will show that the girl who was proclaimed dead with her wrong medication, is still alive.

Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak Ep 81 20th May Written Episode Update

Raj agreed to marry Shaina in order to save Poonam from the murder charges. Poonam told Raj not to fall into Shaina’s game plan. But Raj had no other option but to adhere to saving Poonam’s life.

What will happen next?

Starring actors Karamm Rajpal and Trupti Mishra in lead roles, the show chronicles the immortal love story of Rajneesh, a city-bred medical student, and Poornima, a resilient village girl; they fall for each other and unite with an eternal promise to stay together forever.