Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak the Colors television show produced by BBC and MAJ Productions has seen engaging drama with Poonam (Trupti Mishra) reaching the wedding venue on time to tell Raj (Karamm Rajpal) about her being reincarnated to unite with him. However, even before she could tell it out, she fainted with her nose starting to bleed. Raj rushed to save Poonam and took her to the hospital. At the hospital, he got to know from Nethra that she was locked up in a box which emitted gas. Raj was forced to conduct blood tests on both Poonam and Nethra. However, he seemed worried and eager to know what Poonam wanted to tell him.

His brothers told Raj that there is a possibility of Poonam getting to know about her reincarnation. But Raj did not want to believe in all of it. We also saw Shaina (Madirakshi Mundle) coming to the hospital and kidnapping Poonam. Nethra was running on the road to find Poonam.

In the coming episode, Raj will get perturbed with Poonam going missing. As we know, Shaina sent a text message from Poonam’s phone to Raj, saying she was going to her hometown along with her sister. However, Raj and his brothers felt there was a big secret behind this.

The coming episode will see Raj spotting Nethra on the road, looking for her sister. On seeing Nethra in panic, Raj will believe that the message sent on his phone was not a fact. He will go in search of Poonam and will reach the exact location where Shaina put Poonam along with the car in a huge pit. His smartwatch will fall on the ground right above where Poornima is buried. Raj will feel something being fishy and will look around.

Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak Ep 52 9th April Written Episode Update

Poonam fainted just before she could tell the truth to Raj. He admitted her to the hospital. However, Shaina kidnapped Poonam and buried her in a car in a huge pit.

How will Raj find Poonam?

Starring actors Karamm Rajpal and Trupti Mishra in lead roles, the show chronicles the immortal love story of Rajneesh, a city-bred medical student, and Poornima, a resilient village girl; they fall for each other and unite with an eternal promise to stay together forever.