Neel comes to Chahat’s rescue in Zee TV show Qurbaan Hua

Qurbaan Hua spoiler alert: Neel comes to Chahat’s rescue

Qurbaan Hua the Zee TV show produced by Full House Media has been keeping the audience glued to the TV screen with interesting drama.

Loyal viewers recently witnessed Chahat being a doctor decides on treating the COVID patients and starts to go to a hospital.

Now in the coming episode, Chahat will order Neel to get medicine. However, the boy will forget the name of the medicine hence he would get the entire cabinet of the medicine so that Chahat can choose the one she requires. Neel will not be allowed to enter the hospital but Chahat will manage to see him and take the medicine from him. He will also give the ointment to heal her injury. Chahat will be happy to see Neel’s caring nature.


Will they fall for each other?

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