Rajaa Betaa the Zee TV show will see Purva being told about a big revelation that will shake her respect for her husband, Vedant.

Rajaa Betaa: Purva to get a shock of her life

Rajaa Betaa the Zee TV show produced by Sobo Films has just seen Dr. Vedant (Dishank Arora) committing to the big decision of getting Purva’s (Samabana Mohanty) pregnancy terminated.

Well, with all the drama happening in the show and Purva trying to come to terms with the fact, Rahul (Ankit Bharadwaj), Purva’s ex-lover will come to the fore again.

He will come to meet Purva in Sanjivini Sadan and will give out a shocking revelation that will even stun Purva.

As per a reliable source, “Rahul will tell Purva that Vedant is responsible for him not turning up for the wedding. He will tell Purva that Vedant got him hit by goons and did not allow him to come for the marriage.”

Will Purva believe what she hears? Will Purva lose her respect for Vedant?

We buzzed actors of Rajaa Betaa but could not get through for comment.

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