Zee TV’s Manmohini will see a huge high point with Ram turning into stone. What’s next? And how did it happen? Read here

Ram to turn into a ‘stone in Zee TV’s Manmohini

Zee TV’s popular show Manmohini (Prateek Sharma’s LSD Films) will see a huge high point with Ram (Ankit Siwach) turning into stone.


Yes, we earlier wrote about Ram and Siya (Garima Rathore) deciding to do the Shivratri puja in order to get the weapon made of Ranasa’s bones that can kill Mohini (Reyhna Malhotra).

Now, in the upcoming track, Ram and Siya will succeed in getting that weapon. But Mohini will notice it and will come and challenge them.

A huge tussle will happen between Mohini and Siya for the possession of the weapon. Unfortunately, Ram will come in the way, and Mohini will hit Ram with the weapon.

As per a reliable source, “With Ram being hit by the weapon, he will turn into a stone.”

This will shock both Siya and Mohini. Now both of them will try their best to revive Ram.

What is the next task ahead to save Ram?

We buzzed artists, but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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