Rama’s ponytail in trouble in SAB TV’s Tenali Rama

Rama will be in deep trouble with his ponytail being on the verge of getting cut in the SAB TV show.

Rama’s ponytail in trouble in SAB TV’s Tenali Rama

SAB TV series Tenali Rama (Contiloe) is riding high on popularity for its unique story line.

In the coming track Rama’s (Krishna Bharadwaj) ponytail will get into trouble.

Audience is aware that Rama can talk to his ponytail and it is one of the reasons of his intelligence.

Now, Tathacharya (Pankaj Berry) will decide to cut his ponytail. Along with Dhani and Mani (Sohit Vijay Soni), he will fish out a plan. They will bring a special oil which will make a person’s head bald and they will give it to Rama. However, he will find it fishy and won’t apply the same.

Later, they will convince Rama that if he cuts his ponytail then their village will never suffer from natural calamities. However, smart Rama will learn their move in the nick of time. He will spread the oil all over the place and Tathacharya, Dhani and Mani will have a great fall.

Will Tathacharya seek revenge from Rama?

When we called Krishna he was busy shooting.

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