SAB TV’s Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan (A Creative Eye) has had a remarkable journey ever since it has launched. As the show moves towards its closer, the makers are churning out interesting episodes for the audience.

We already saw Yaro (Aniruddh Dave) and Sanjana (Shubhi Ahuja) tying the knot. Now, Yaro is a robot and Sanjana is unaware about this secret. Thus, Yaro’s family will keep him away from his better half.

Folks, gear up for some rib tickling comedy as Sanjana will doubt on Yaro. She will get angry because of his weird behaviour and would want to find out the reason behind it.

She will decide to take him to a baba who can solve their problem. However, before she could say about her problem, Yaro will show him some robotic moves and he would get scared and run away.

This sequence will be a fun watch for the audience.

Aniruddh was busy shooting.