Sameer will now go to the extent of selling the Bharadwaj house.

Sameer to ‘mortgage’ Bharadwaj house in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka

Colors’ popular show Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions) will see more of drama with Sameer (Rohan Mehra) and his mother trying to avenge the Bharadwaj family in all ways possible.

If Anjali (Vaishali Takkar) being in coma, the Bharadwaj family being sent out of the house, Sanjana (Krissann Barretto) being tortured was not enough, now Sameer will ready himself to mortgage the huge mansion of the Bharadwaj’s.

As per sources, “Sameer and his mother (Vandana Vithlani) will decide to sell off the Bharadwaj house and will announce for its mortgage. People will assemble in no time to bid for the palatial house. Sanjana will plead Sameer not to do this, but her pleas will go unheard. Also, Simar (Keerti Kelkar) will come to the place and will try her best to stop the mortgage from happening. But that again will be to no avail.”

If sources are to be believed, it will be Sameer’s major ploy to make Simar cry, and ultimately it will be revealed that Sameer would gift the house to his mother.

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

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