Interesting twist and turn in Mangalam Dangalam

Sanjeev to doubt on Arjun and Rumi’s relationship in SAB TV’s Mangalam Dangalam

SAB TV has always kept viewers entertained with unique content and engrossing storylines.

The latest offering Mangalam Dangalam – Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar is gearing up for an interesting twist in the storyline.

Viewers will witness Rumi played by Manisha Rawat organising a birthday party. Rumi’s birthday will see a lot of drama.

As per a reliable source, “Rumi will call Arjun (Karanvir Sharma) and his fiancée to her birthday party. However, admits the celebration Arjun and Rumi will get trapped together in the house and everyone else will leave the party.”

Later, Rumi’s father Sanjeev (Manoj Joshi) will enter the house and would find out Arjun and Rumi together. He will doubt on their relationship.


How will the two prove their relationship?

We buzzed actors, but could not get through.

Watch this space for more updates.

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