In the latest episode, number 178 of the show Shravani, the audience will witness the romantic first night of the lead characters, Shravani and Shivansh. Check out below

Shravani Spoiler Ep 178: Shravani And Shivansh Are Lost In Romantic Moments

In Shemaroo’s audience-favorite show, Shravani, the viewers are treated to a gripping storyline and intense drama. However, this time, the fans will likely be pleased with the new plot where Shravani and Shivansh enjoy a special moment together.

Now, the audience will witness Shravani and Shivansh preparing for their final farewell with the housemates. Shravani bids farewell to her maternal home with moist eyes while Shivansh’s friend decorates the farewell car. On the other hand, Chandra’s daughter, Sweety, remains the enemy of Shravani and Shivansh’s lives. And now she plots a new plan to kill both of them as she destroys the brake of the bike.

Soon, Shivansh leaves with Shravani in the car, and after going a little far, he realizes that the bike’s brake is not working properly. Shivansh shares this with Shravani, which makes both of them terrified. However, with his smartness, Shivansh somehow manages to make his bike fall slowly. As the bike stops, Shravani falls into Shivansh’s arms, creating a romantic moment. Soon, both of them reach the house where Shivansh’s mother prepares to welcome them. However, before letting Shravani inside the house, Amma ji asks her to promise she will never leave Shivansh.

In contrast, Sweety reaches out to Chandra crying and shares the news of Shravani and Shivansh’s departure. Now, Chandra plans to separate Shravani and Shivansh with the help of black magic and also swears that she will never let the two of them be happy together. In contrast, Shravani and Shivansh begin their good night.

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