Spy Bahu the Colors show produced by Vineyard Films has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the first week. As seen so far, Tara Baba arrives at Alisha’s house for an auspicious gathering. Alisha plans to make Yohan accompany her while they get their blessings. Coincidentally, Sejal shows up at the same location.

Later, Sejal announces her wedding to the Nandas when Alisha rebukes her for spoiling her wedding ceremony. Elsewhere, Sejal gets ready for her Mehendi ceremony, and Minal discovers Yohan’s name on her hand.

Now, in the coming episode, Vyom comes near Sejal and Aleesha informs him that Sejal is Yohan’s personal assistant. Vyom asks Sejal to dance with him. However, during their dance performance, Vyom misbehaves with Sejal. She warns him, but he doesn’t stop. Soon, Sejal slaps Vyom.

How will Yohan react?

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