Love just somehow finds its way in the Bigg Boss house. Relationships in the house are undergoing a huge change as old friends are turning into foes and foes into friends.

Recently, loyal audience of the show has been witnessing a new found Jodi – Srishty Rode and Rohit Suchanti.

Last week, the two did a romantic dance in front of the housemates as part of a task. Since then the two have been linked-up. Rohit has been shown having a little crush on the pretty girl but she fears losing her relationship with her fiancé Manish Naggdev.

Tonight, Rohit will be in kaal kothari and would tell Dipika that how Srishty is caring towards him. He will later tell Jasleen that they had a conversation wherein Srishty mentioned about him by saying that he is a good guy. During the entire conversation with Jasleen, Rohit will be seen blushing and praising Srishty.

Jasleen will ask that what if Manish was not there in Srishty’s life?

What will be Rohit’s answer? Will this love story see a new turn? Keep reading for more exclusive updates from the house of Bigg Boss.