Colors TV’s popular television show Suhaagan, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, is gearing up for a mind-blowing twist with an interesting storyline. As seen so far, Krishna (Raghav Thakur) surprises Bindya (Garima Kishnani) with a special dinner on the rooftop. Everyone sees the decoration and is impressed by Krishna’s love for Bindya. Soon, Krishna and Bindya cut the cake and enjoyed their togetherness with everyone. Later, Bindya and Krishna romance in their room.

Suhaagan On Location, New Nail-biting Twist

In the upcoming episodes, Bindya and Krishna are all set to get married again with all the rituals and grand celebrations. But wait, if you think everything will be happy after this. So let us reveal that, as per the latest on-location shoot, Krishna and Bindya were seen shooting for an interesting twist when Bindya and Krishna were out for a date together. Krishna takes Bindya to a beautiful location, where Bindya witnesses the beauty of nature from the edge of the cliff, and that’s when Krishna pushes Bindya off the cliff.

But there’s more to this shocking act. As Bindya teeters on the edge of the cliff, Krishna reveals a deep-seated hatred for her and revenge for her betrayal along with Samay. Will he let her fall?

Will Krishna leave Bindya to fall into the ditch?

Suhaagan stars Garima Kishnani, Sakshi Sharma and Raghav Thakur in the lead. The show chronicles the story of two sisters, Bindya and Payal, who love the same guy.

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