Colors TV show Suhaagan produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms is gearing up for some interesting drama. As per the plot, Payal fails to understand Krishna’s pain and tries to put the ring in the injured finger. Bindiya gets angry and slaps Payal for her careless behaviour. Krishna gets drunk and confesses his love for Bindiya. However, the next morning, when the family questions him, he reveals having headache.

Payal gets angry at Amma and Baldev for pushing Krishna to love Bindiya and bring them close. However, Bindiya gets angry at Payal for talking ill for elders and scolds her. Krishna has fallen in love with Bindiya but he is yet to realizes the same. He witnesses Samay and Bindiya talking to each other and feel angry. He imagines them dancing and getting romantic during their dance performance. Krishna gets jealous and throws his phone. He later realizes that it was just his imagination.

In the coming episode, a big party is organized to unveil the logo of Samay, Bindiya and Krishna’s company. However, though the theme of the party is cocktail, Samay and Bindiya don traditional outfits and steal limelight of the media. Krishna and Payal purposely come to speak to the media, however, they get ignored. Later, Samay gives credit of the entire logo design and company’s growth to Bindiya. This makes Krishna and Payal feel envy.

Suhaagan stars Garima Kishnani, Sakshi Sharma and Raghav Thakur.