Colors TV’s popular show Suhaagan, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, is gearing up for interesting twists and intense drama. As seen so far, Bindya understands that everyone planned things to make Krishna feel jealous of Samay so that Krishna would get close to her. But she doesn’t want love like this. Soon, Bindya goes to stop Krishna from atonement.

Suhaagan Ep 337 3rd April 2024 Written Spoiler Update

In the upcoming episode, viewers will see that along with Krishna, Bindya also walks on the fuming charcoal and convinces him to step down. Krishna questions Bindya why she walked on the charcoal. Bindya asks him to stop all the nonsense and let her put medicine on his feet, but Krishna refuses to do so. He says there is no medicine for his wound, but if Bindya forgives him, then he will be fine.

Further, Krishna says even God will not forgive him and starts playing the bell. Soon, Bindya joins him and says she can forgive him. Bindya forgives Krishna, and they head home. On the other hand, Bindya decides that she will fight with the negative for her marriage and husband after witnessing the change in Krishna.