Colors TV’s popular TV show Suhaagan, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, is preparing for a twist with an intriguing storyline. As seen so far, Bindya and Krish enjoy a romantic night in the middle of the jungle. Later in the morning, Krish surprises Bindya with breathtaking scenic beauty and slowly takes her towards her edgy, trying to pull her, but Bindya thinks Krish saved her. Soon, Krish expresses his rage on Bindya, revealing that he pretended to love her just to take revenge, leaving Bindya in deep shock.

Suhaagan Ep 354 20th April 2024 Spoiler

Get ready for an episode filled with nail-biting suspense as Krish unveils his true motives. The viewers will be left in awe as he discloses his plan to avenge Bindya’s attempt to bruise his ego. In a chilling moment, Krish pushes Bindya off the cliff, his laughter echoing in the air, fulfilling his sinister wish.

Did Bindya die?

Suhaagan stars Garima Kishnani, Sakshi Sharma and Raghav Thakur in the lead. The show chronicles the story of two sisters, Bindya and Payal, who love the same guy.