In the latest episode of Colors show Suhaagan, viewers will see that Bindya finds the truth behind Krishna's act and rushes to tell him the truth.

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Colors TV’s popular show Suhaagan, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, is gearing up for interesting twists and intense drama. As per the plot, Bindya is terribly hurt by Krishna’s obscene comment on her. Soon, Krishna understands his mistake and tries to apologize to Bindya, but she refuses to forgive him, which leaves Krishna depressed.

Suhaagan Ep 336 2nd April 2024 Spoiler Update

In the coming episode, Bindya recalls all the past events related to Samay and realizes that all her family members were trying to make Krishna feel jealous so that he would get close to Bindya and love her. But Bindya says she doesn’t want such love, which people have to ignite by planning and plotting. Bindya refuses to accept this kind of love.

Soon, Bindya decides that whatever is happening is all wrong, and she has to stop it. Bindya rushes to reveal the truth in front of Krishna. As soon as Bindya reaches, she finds that Krishna walks on the fuming charcoal, which leaves her in shock. Krishna struggles to walk on the charcoal barefoot. Shocked by this vision, Bindya doesn’t understand what to do.

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