In the upcoming episode of Colors TV's popular show Suhaagan, viewers will see that Krishna refuses to sign divorce papers with Bindya.

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Colors TV’s popular show Suhaagan, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, is gearing up for a mind-blowing twist and rush of emotions. According to the plot, Vikram calls Bindya and Samay’s business ideas a flop. But Shanti interrupts and asks him if he has done business earlier or has experience with it. Shanti’s taunt to Vikram made Indu angry, and she indulged in an argument with her. But soon, Bindya stops everyone and shares her motive and idea behind her idea, which everyone praises. On the other hand, Krishna feels he is not satisfied; whatever he says in the drunken state is true.

Suhaagan Ep 338 4th April 2024 Written Update

In the upcoming episode, viewers will see that the divorce lawyer comes home and reveals that Bindya and Krishna’s divorce application has been approved, and they just have to sign the paper. Shocked by the news, Krishna asks that he postpone the decision. Soon, the lawyer reveals that Bindya applied for a petition for divorce approval, to which Bindya agrees.

The divorce lawyer asks Krishna to sign the paper. Then Payal takes the paper and gives Krishna a pen to sign it. Bindya secretly wishes that Krishna would express his feelings now. The tension mounts as Krishna takes the pen after Payal’s request, but Krishna soon refuses to sign it. Witnessing this, Bindya feels good.

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