Suhagan Chudail the Colors television show produced by Peninsula Pictures has seen engaging drama with Moksh (Zayn Ibad Khan) and Nishigandha (Nia Sharma) getting ready for their engagement. Deeya (Debchandrima Singha Roy), as we know, planned with the Vaidji to get Moksh smell a perfume that will bring him back to his senses. We wrote about Nishigandha getting to know about this plan, and ending up killing the Vaid.

The upcoming episode will see Deeya doing what she is needed to do. She will make sure that she gets an opportunity to make Moksh smell the perfume. Upon doing so, she will silently take Moksh away from the venue.

Nishigandha will get angry at Moksh going missing. She will try to find out what happened with him. Meanwhile, she will confront Moksh’s mother who will smell something fishy about Nishigandha.

Suhagan Chudail Ep 8 5th June Written Episode Update

Deeya planned with a Vaidji and got the perfume to the engagement venue. Nishigandha, however, spotted the vaid and tried to capture him. Deeya hoped for things to fall in place.

What will happen next?

In this supernatural saga, a malevolent Chudail named Nishigandha is on an obsessive quest for Suhaag ki Nishaniyan, ‘Solah Shringars’ – 16 mystical adornments that will bestow upon her unparalleled beauty and the ultimate prize of immortality. With each ‘Shringar’ she collects by sacrificing her husbands, her dark powers grow stronger. Starring Nia Sharma as Nishigandha, the Suhagan Chudail, Debchandrima Singha Roy as Deeya, and Zayn Ibad Khan as Moksh, the show has kickstarted.