Suhagan Chudail the Colors television show produced by Peninsula Pictures has seen engaging drama with Moksh (Zayn Ibad Khan) being completely under the control of Nishigandha (Nia Sharma). As we know, Deeya’s (Debchandrima Singha Roy) love did bring Moksh closer to her, when he felt bad to see Deeya in tears. However, Moksh who was under Nishigandha’s influence planned to go ahead with his relationship by taking it further.

The upcoming episode will see Moksh telling his family that he wants to get married to Nishigandha. The family will plan for their engagement. Deeya will meet a pundit who will tell her that if Moksh is forced to take this decision under some force, he will come out of the spell with a plan. The pundit will give a perfume to Deeya and ask her to make Moksh come in contact with the perfume. Deeya will believe that if Moksh is under some bad influence of Nishigandha, the perfume will help her get him out. Deeya will decide to get Moksh smell it before his engagement.

Amidst this, Nishigandha will get a sniff of the plan and will find the pundit in the party. She will kill him mercilessly, thus putting her own engagement in problem.

Suhagan Chudail Ep 6 3rd June Written Episode Update

Deeya was in tears reading the romantic diary written to her by Moksh. Moksh could feel Deeya’s pain and was drawn to her room. Deeya questioned Moksh on what was wrong with him.

What will happen now?

In this supernatural saga, a malevolent Chudail named Nishigandha is on an obsessive quest for Suhaag ki Nishaniyan, ‘Solah Shringars’ – 16 mystical adornments that will bestow upon her unparalleled beauty and the ultimate prize of immortality. With each ‘Shringar’ she collects by sacrificing her husbands, her dark powers grow stronger. Starring Nia Sharma as Nishigandha, the Suhagan Chudail, Debchandrima Singha Roy as Deeya, and Zayn Ibad Khan as Moksh, the show has kickstarted.