Swaran Ghar will see Swaran trying to arrange Kanwaljeet's injection that can save his life.

Swaran Ghar the newly launched Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen the happy life of Kanwaljeet (Ronit Bose Roy) and Swaran (Sangita Ghosh) withering in one second when Kanwaljeet all of a sudden faints on the day of his son’s birthday. While Swaran is busy celebrating the occasion with her friends, Kanwaljeet who is at home faints and is rushed to the hospital.

The whole world of Swaran has come down crashing as Kanwaljeet has suffered a brain stroke and the after-effect of the stroke is that he has suffered paralysis from the area of his neck and below.

The coming episode will see Swaran’s struggle to put this news across in a nice way to Kanwaljeet. Also, post the surgery, there remains a huge threat to his life and the doctor will tell Swaran that he will need a life-saving injection, which needs to be given in a week’s time. The drug will be available only in USA.

Swaran will try to talk to her son to ask for the drug and will also be seen telling him that she is all alone and does not know what to do. She will also request her son if he can take them along to USA and take care of his father’s medication in the USA.

Will Swaran be successful in getting the injection for Kanwaljeet?

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