A drunken bystander comes to him and after hearing Champakk Lal’s story, he offers to drop him home in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: Champakk Lal in new trouble

Neela Film Productions Private Limited’s show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ (TMKOC) audiences will be left in splits over the unfortunate but hilarious series of events that follow after Champakk Lal is abandoned along with Bhide’s Sakharam on some unknown street in Mumbai. A stranger bumps into Champakk Lal who is calling out to Bhide in the hope that Bhide may be able to hear him. Turns out, the stranger’s name is Insaan Singh and he’s a tippler but, without spectacles, Champakk Lal doesn’t know any better. So when Insaan Singh offers to drive him to Gokuldham Society, a naïve Champakk Lal agrees and his tragicomic journey begins.

In the previous part of the story, the thief who stole Bhide’s Sakharam with Champakk Lal still seated in the sidecar realizes that there are cops everywhere. So he decides to abandon the scooter rather than getting caught by the cops. At a relatively deserted spot, he parks the scooter aside and flees. After a while, Champakk Lal realizes that he’s all by himself and panics. Without good vision, he begins to shout out for help and calls out to Bhide hoping that he may be around. That’s when, a drunken bystander comes to him and after hearing Champakk Lal’s story, offers to drop him home.

But little does Champakk Lal know that the stranger, although with good intentions, is also a habitual drunk. Not only does Insaan Singh ride fast making Champakk Lal almost bounce out of the sidecar but also he has no idea where he is going, until he sees a bar, ironically named ‘BHIDE BAR’. From here, things take a turn for the worse for Champakk Lal as Insaan Singh insists that they must take a quick break before carrying on with the journey.

Will Insaan Singh make Champakk Lal drink too? Or will he drink himself to sleep? What will Champakk Lal do next? What will Jethaa Lal do when he finds out that his Bapu ji is missing?

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