Tara on a mission to accomplish her father’s dream in Sony TV’s Tara from Satara

Tara from Satara: Tara on a mission to accomplish her father’s dream

Sony TV’s Tara from Satara has been successful in attracting the audience’s attention and is serving interesting drama.

As per the plot, Eijaz Khan enters the show as ‘Shatru’. He was a very good friend of Sachin Mane (Tara’s father) in the past and the two came from Satara together to make their careers in Mumbai. The two made their career in dance together but later, Shatru ditched Sachin and the two had a fight after which Sachin’s career was destroyed and he had to return back to Satara.

Meanwhile, after getting eliminated, Radhika breaks down into tears and tries to overcome her worst nightmare as her father had seen her perform western dance. After the show of Dancer no. 1, Tara takes them to the terrace where Sachin was trying to clear his mind. A daughter’s betrayal hit him hard, and he had a breakdown in front of his family. The family decides to return to Satara and they proceed back to chawl to pack their stuff and leave for Satara.

Tara comes to know the entire story of Sachin, Shatru and Shrilekha and decides to stay in Mumbai and participate in the show. Later, Tara is seen as a wild-card in Dancer no. 1 and Shatru as a judge in the show.

Will she succeed?

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