High-end drama in Sony TV’s Jaat Ki Jugni

Tauji’s murder truth to come to the fore in Sony TV’s Jaat Ki Jugni

Sony Entertainment Television has always served audience with variety of content.

The channel’s latest offering Jaat Ki Jugni (Rashmi Sharma Production) is winning audience hearts with each passing day.

In the current plot viewers are witnessing a lot of drama revolving around Tauji’s murder.

Now, Bittu (Vishal Vashishtha), who has learnt about Bhaiyaji’s (Yash Tonk) connection with Tauji’s slaughter, will probe into the matter.

However, Munni (Madirakshi Mundle) will blame Bittu for Tauji’s death.

Shares a source, “Munni will spot Bittu performing Tauji’s final rites and will blame him for the murder. This will shock Bittu but he will stay mum.”

Later, Munni will hit Bittu in anger and his shirt will tear off. Bhaiyaji’s bracelet, which Bittu found out at the murder spot, will fall off from his pocket. Soon, Munni will recognise the bracelet and ask Bittu about it. He will be forced to reveal to Munni about Bhaiyaji’s involvement in Tauji’s murder. This news will shatter Munni.

What will happen next? Will Munni believe Bittu? How will they solve this mystery?

The actors remained unavailable for a comment.

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