Drama galore in SAB TV show

Tenali loses his new born baby in SAB TV’s Tenali Rama

SAB TV’s Tenali Rama has left the viewers amazed with Tenali’s (Krishna Bharadwaj) ingenious methods to come out of sticky situations. Whatever be the problem, Tenali can be counted on to have a trick up his sleeve. However, there is no trick to parenting. In the upcoming episodes, we will witness Tenali having a hard time with Bhaskar (Tenali and Sharda’s baby) leading to the baby getting kidnapped.

Amma (Nimisha Vakharia) feels that Tenali and Sharada (Niya Sharma) are not being responsible enough towards the baby. So, they come up with a plan of taking turns to take proper care of Bhaskar. When his turn arrives, Tenali takes Bhaskar with him to the ‘darbaar’, since he has a lot of work on his plate. On his way back, it so happens that Tenali accidentally leaves Bhaskar at a fruit seller’s shop. Tenali rushes back to the market as soon as he realizes his mistake, but the baby is nowhere to be found.

Will Tenali be able to find Bhaskar? What will he do to get his child back to safety?

Krishna Bharadwaj, essaying the role of Tenali said, “I am certain that viewers will love the upcoming track since most of us can relate to the fact that parenting is a daily learning experience. However, Rama’s fatherhood will be different from others as the child will bring Rama’s childhood back and both will be their naughtiest.” 


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