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Will Pandit Ramakrishna kill the Queen of Vijayanagar in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama?

Tenali Rama: Rama to kill the queen of Vijayanagar?

Sony SAB’s show Tenali Rama has kept the viewers intrigued with a double dose of wit, intelligence and drama as both Rama and Bhaskar (Krishna Bharadwaj) have come together to delight all the fans.

Pandit Ramakrishna is yet again faced with a unique challenge, this time by a little kid, Raghavan (Hearty Singh). The young man, claiming to have defeated all masterminds in the world and hence losing purpose in life, dares Rama to defeat him in a challenge of intellect by solving 3 questions. Rama’s victory will ultimately give him the purpose to live, to try defeating Rama. However, if Rama loses, Raghavan will give away his life, putting all the blame for his death on Rama.

While Rama successfully completes the first task, he is faced with than even more difficult question to solve- that of flying above Raghavan’s Eagle. As impossible this sounds, Rama yet again finds a solution to it. Everyone is amused to see how he manages to fly above an Eagle. Now in order to win the challenge, Rama has to solve the last and the most difficult riddle. He has to cut the Queen (Neetha Shetty) in two parts, without killing her. This has left Rama, along with entire Vijayanagar and the Queen herself, extremely worried.

Will Rama find an answer to this question or will it lead to Queen’s death?

Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the role of Pandit Ramakrishna said, “Rama enjoys solving riddles and with the role of Rama, I find it really amazing myself to always know the solutions to such tricky yet simple riddles. But this riddle of splitting a person in 2 parts is very challenging for Rama as well. It will be intriguing for our viewers to see whether Rama finds a solution or will this eventually kill the queen. Along with solving these challenging riddles, Rama is also dedicated in his efforts to stop Pralay and the Queen from destroying the Kingdom.”

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