Preparations have started! Sony SAB’s fresh take on romantic comedy Tera Kya Hoga Alia will soon be witnessing Alia’s (Anusha Mishra) wish coming true as Tara (Priyanka Purohit) and Alok (Harshad Arora) are set to be engaged. Alia has put all her efforts into bringing Tara closer to her husband – Alok after foreseeing her family’s life post her death. The upcoming episodes will take the viewers on an interesting journey as they will witness this thoda hatke engagement.

After Alok rescued Tara from the kidnappers, Tara is more drawn to Alok and his genuineness. Tara is happy as Simran Kohli (Rakhi Vijan), her mother, is in Agra and will be with her. On the other hand, a strange rumor starts making round in the school that Tara and Alok are having an affair. Simran Kohli learns that Alia is indeed happy with this rumor and suggests she should seek therapist’s advice.

Tera Kya Hoga Alia is all set to witness the entry of the dashing Ketan Singh as Aditya as the therapist, who is also Alia and Alok’s childhood friend. Alok calls Aditya, without Alia’s knowledge, to treat Alia. Aditya is a fun-loving man with ‘live life to the fullest’ attitude who is entering the show to resolve the problems in Alok and Alia’s life.

The story takes a shocking turn when Aditya after looking into Alia’s condition, advices everyone to comply with Alia’s wishes and the engagement should happen as per her demand.

Will this engagement really happen? How will this trio’s life change after this engagement?

Anusha Mishra, playing the role of Alia said, Alia is thrilled as finally both Tara and Alok have agreed to get engaged. The upcoming episodes will witness various twists as Alia begins her therapy and a lot will be revealed in this journey. So, stay tuned to witness this unusual union only on Tera Kya Hoga Alia.” 

Priyanka Purohit, playing the role of Tara said, “Tara has finally accepted her emotions for Alok and agreed to her union with Alok. We had a great time shooting for the upcoming episodes as the viewers are set to witness a dhamakedar sagaai. So, stay tuned. 

Ketan Singh, playing the role of Aditya said, “Aditya plays a vital role in the upcoming episodes as he is the key to bring back Alia from her strange chain of thoughts. He is Alia and Alok’s friend, who will be bring some fun and interesting moments in the show. I had a great time shooting with the entire cast and I’m excited for the viewers to witness Aditya’s entry. To know what Aditya plans and how he helps Alia, Alok and Tara, keep watching Sony SAB’s Tera Kya Hoga Alia.”