Sony SAB’s light-hearted show Tera Yaar Hoon Main has kept the audience hooked to the show with its appealing and light-hearted storyline. In the previous episodes, the show took a shocking turn as Rajeev was left waiting for Daljeet at their shaadi mandap. However, viewers will now soon witness an interesting turn of events once again. With only 28 days remaining for their contract marriage to end, Daljeet goes beyond leaps and bounds to win over Rajeev for one last time.

After Daljeet’s shocking no show at the wedding, the devastated and heartbroken Bansal parivaar is all set to leave the resort and just in nick of the moment, Daljeet returns and tries to explain why she had to leave the ceremony. Daljeet’s heartfelt apology is not received well by everyone in the family, especially with Dadi. Determined to win the love and trust of the Bansals, Daljeet takes up a challenge to impress Rajeev and his family in the next 28 days before their contract-based marriage officially ends. From dressing up to preparing kheer to even singing bhajans for Dadi, Daljeet is committed to not leave a single stone unturned. to impress the Bansal’s. Meanwhile, Rajeev is gathering the courage to finally let Daljeet know the reason behind her husband’s accident.

Will Daljeet be successful in winning over Rajeev and his family? Will Rajeev finally muster the courage to tell Daljeet the truth?

Sayantani Ghosh, essaying the role of Daljeet said, “This has been one of the most exciting weeks on the show. We shot long hours for this wedding sequence and the episodes have come out beautifully. The post-marriage sequence is equally challenging for me as Daljeet is seen putting an extra effort to win over the Bansal parivaar. She goes beyond all odds to make things perfect all over again and for them to accept her after she hurt them by running away from the marriage ceremony. At the same time, a huge turn of events is about to unfold as Rajeev tries to tell Daljeet the truth behind her husband’s accident. It will be interesting for the viewers to watch whether Daljeet’s succeeds in winning over Rajeev and his family in the next 28 days or whether they will part ways forever.”

Ssudeep Sahir, essaying the role of Rajeev said, “Things are about to get exciting as viewers will now get to see more of Rajeev and Daljeet together. Though this is a difficult time for Daljeet as she tries to win over the family after running away from the marriage ceremony, it is also a difficult time for Rajeev as he fears to tell Daljeet the truth behind her husband’s accident . He is seen caught up between the emotions of his family and Daljeet It is always exciting to essay Rajeev as a character, as I get to bring out various emotions in such scenes. I am sure our viewers will enjoy watching for what is about to come next.”