This week, Sony SAB’s light-hearted show Tera Yaar Hoon Main brings a heartwarming storyline as Rajeev (Ssudeep Sahir) decides to do everything possible to win his child’s heart. After Barry’s (Viraj Kapoor) traumatic accident leading to a partial memory loss, Rajeev takes a step forward and is determined to win Barry’s heart by hook or by crook.

With Barry’s memory loss, Rajeev and Daljeet’s life is challenged with unexpected situations as Barry doesn’t like Rajeev and Daljeet’s closeness and keeps questioning it at every point. He discovers a photo of Rajeev and Daljeet together, and his anger shoots up. Rajeev makes a firm decision of becoming a friend to Barry as he is his son Rishabh’s (Ansh Sinha) friend first and then a father. He takes the first step to begin his friendship with Barry as he hears Barry’s fondness for karate. Barry challenges Rajeev to give a tough fight to a karate champion on television. Rajeev accepts this challenge with open arms, only to be shocked by facing reality later.

How will an amateur like Rajeev survive the gruelling jabs of a champion? Will Barry’s heart melt after Rajeev’s grand gesture?

Ssudeep Sahir essaying the role of Rajeev Bansal, said, “With Barry losing his memory and Rajeev deciding to join a karate championship, the upcoming episodes will be a perfect mix of drama, action and emotions for the viewers. As our show is based on a father-son relationship, this time around, we are showcasing the dynamics between a stepfather and stepson and going beyond the usual. Rajeev would go to the extent of competing in a karate fight in the hope of winning his stepson’s heart. The experience of shooting this sequence was very interesting because I haven’t gotten a chance to perform such scenes in Tera Yaar Hoon Main. I am excited for the audience to witness Rajeev’s fight during the championship and how his relationship with Barry evolves.”