The Star Bharat show, Papa By Chance will spread awareness about the phase in a woman’s life when she will come of age.

Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance to go the ‘Padman’ way

Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance produced by Sonali Jaffer and Amir Jaffer’s Full House Media will see a very inspiring track wherein the track will go the ‘Padman’ way with it being planned on the ordeals of a woman in handling the new phase in her life, with her reaching puberty.

Yes, in the show, Gungun (Arshifa Khan) will reach her puberty and on seeing the new change, she will feel that she is sick and will die. Amrit (Sana Sayyed) will come into the picture and will explain everything to her, saying that this is every woman’s problem after one attains puberty.

Papa By Chance the show which deals with the major concept revolving around parenting will again spread awareness when Gungun who is still a kid will be given a life’s lesson when she will come of age.

Even Yuvaan (Zebby Singh) will be seen helping out Gungun in getting back her morale and confidence.

We buzzed actors but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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