Colors’ Udaan will see an interesting twist with Chakor getting to know weird acts of Raghav. Read this news here.

Udaan: Chakor to run out of Raghav’s house

Udaan, the popular Colors show will see entertaining drama with Sameer (Gaurav Sareen), Anjor (Tanya Sharma) and Chakor (Toral Rasputra) trying to find out the real identity and motive of Raghav (Vijayendra Kumeria).

With Sameer telling Anjor about what he found out about Raghav, Anjor will plan to tell Chakor to record the day’s proceedings and watch it so that she is clear in her mind on what is happening with her.

As per Anjor’s idea, Chakor will sit to watch what she recorded and will find a major truth.

As per sources, “Chakor will watch in the earlier day’s recording about Raghav and Chakor having celebrated Chakor’s birthday. However, in the present, Raghav will come with a cake and flowers to celebrate Chakor’s birthday. Chakor will be perplexed seeing Raghav’s actions.”

Also, Chakor will trace Raghav’s identity card and will be further shocked.

She will decide to run out of the house.

Will Chakor be able to run away from Raghav?

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