Udaariyaan the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen big drama with Tejo (Priyanka Chaudhary) getting back her memory, but forgetting her life for the last 9 months. Hence she does not remember anything about the bond that Fateh (Ankit Gupta) shared with her, of being her guardian and biggest support. She also does not remember anything about their marriage.

At this juncture, Tejo has brought back Jasmine to the house and this shocked Fateh. Fateh was well aware of Jasmine’s efforts to kill Tejo and had asked her to get out of Moga.

The coming drama will finally see Tejo’s heart longing to be with Fateh. She will recollect the happy times of their togetherness. She will see the love in Fateh’s eyes for her. She will decide not to part ways with him. She will want to unite with Fateh and will even want to confess her love for him.

Will Tejo and Fateh finally unite? Will Jasmine play her game again?