Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is Sony SAB’s thought-provoking slice of life family drama that follows the lives of Rajesh Wagle and his family. The show has captured audiences with endearing characters and strong relatable messages. After multiple failed attempts to get the family house in his name, this week Manoj Wagle (Vipul Deshpande) will take another drastic step to attain the Wagle family’s old home.

The upcoming episodes will see an enraged Manoj go to Atharva’s (Sheehan Kapahi) school and pick him up. Clueless on Atharva’s whereabouts, the Wagle family will be worried and break out into their own arguments. Has Atharva really been kidnapped? Or is this just a friendly outing with his uncle?

Will the Wagle family hand over their old house in return for Atharva?

Sheehan Kapahi, who plays the character of Atharva, said, “Manoj and Atharva’s bond is very special. While Manoj Kaka shows his aggressive side to the Wagle family, he is incredibly playful and fun around Atharva. Even though Atharva knows his uncle isn’t on the best of terms with his father, he understands that Manoj will never inflict any harm on him. However, this week’s episodes will test the relationship between Atharva and Manoj and cause a lot of emotional turmoil for the rest of the Wagle family.”