Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya continues to entertain audiences with its slice of life and awe-inspiring storyline catering to three different generations. It continues to bring the quintessential day-to-day life stories of a common man with an essence of nostalgia to our television screens and entertain the audiences with its engaging stories.

As seen so far, Harshad has asked Rajesh a favour to hide a bag full of money. This is the money earned in an illegal way. Rajesh is scared as he is an honest man, but he decides to help Harshad.

Now, in the coming episode, Rajesh gives the bag full of black money to Dakku. Dakku slyly keeps the bag at Harshad’s doorstep, but somebody steals the bag before Harshad could open the door. Dakku, Harshad and Rajesh are worried as the bag is misplaced and Income Tax officers have come to conduct a search.

Where is the bag?

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