Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is a slice-of-life family drama that tackles the daily struggles of a middle-class man with sensitivity. The show is thought provoking and heart-warming at the same time as it brings to light societal issues faced by the common man. Wagle Ki Duniya’s next few episodes focus on Rajesh Wagle’s (Sumeet Raghavan) personal and professional turmoil as Radhika Wagle (Bharti Achrekar) faces a medical challenge while challenges crop up on the professional front.

In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will witness Radhika Wagle having a heart-attack and the whole family struggling to cope in this tense situation. They will also follow Rajesh undergoing a stressful situation as a mysterious person tries to oust him from his company. With Manoj’s (Vipul Deshpande) entry creating chaos for the Wagle family, this new turn in events is sure to make the lives of the Wagle’s more tense and challenging.

Faced with a literal life-or-death situation, how will Rajesh cope with Radhika’s collapse and his professional life at stake?

Sumeet Raghavan, who essays the role of Rajesh Wagle said, “Wagle Ki Duniya is going to see a massive twist with Radhika facing health problems. This is going to be an extremely challenging time for Rajesh as he’s going to face a tough time in both, his professional and personal life. This week is going to be an emotional yet thrilling one for the viewers as they’re going to see a lot of difficult situations on the show as they navigate through this whole experience.”