In today’s world, we as a society, are becoming more progressive and aware with each passing day. However, it seems like in certain situations, all of us are not equally progressive. There are still people who think way too highly of themselves and need an awakening. Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya has really stepped up their game in this regard as Kiara (Anju Jadhav) makes a comeback on the show only to be matched up with NRI Nick (Amit Verma) who happens to be Harshad’s cousin brother. 

Well-polished, educated and settled abroad, Nick feels he is the perfect catch. He also feels he is too progressive as he will ‘allow’ his woman to work after marriage, ignorant of the fact that this sentiment is very backward and indicative of toxic masculinity. Jyoti suggests Rajesh (Sumeet Raghavan) take the proposal to Kiara, who is of marriageable age. Knowing Kiara, Rajesh is not too keen to explore this match and even hesitates to invite her home. Eventually, due to Maya’s nosiness, Kiara lands up at the Wagle household where Harshad’s family and Vandana (Pariva Pranati) try to pair them up. Kiara being a feminist, sees through Nick’s fake progressiveness, and they even argue on many important aspects. She wants an equal partner in her marriage and breaks his bubble saying that it is not every girl’s dream to get settled in the US and that even he should pay heed to a woman’s dreams and aspirations. Ultimately, Kiara refuses the proposal. While everyone is surprised at Kiara’s behavior, she sticks to her ground and takes a stand for herself. 

Anju Jadhav, who essays the role of Kiara says, “Wagle Ki Duniya attempts to share a message with each of their characters. Kiara is a liberated, educated, working young woman who is very forward thinking. She gives a very fitting reply to Nick and to all those men who feel they can dominate women and tell them what to do. I am so happy that through Kiara, I am able to take a stand and let all the women know that it is important to prioritize and dignify yourself, rather than give in to society’s expectations of yourself. She symbolizes the modern, Indian woman who does not need a man to measure her worth and certainly won’t settle for anything less. Sony SAB has always come up with shows which scrutinize such fallacies and ask men to keep their regressive tendencies in check and I am extremely elated to be a part of such a progressive show.”