Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya: Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is one of the most entertaining yet thought-provoking television shows winning the audience’s hearts and dealing with social issues in an interesting manner. The upcoming episodes of the show will throw light on a severe societal issue that worries every woman in the country, age no bar. The upcoming episode will show how Sakhi will deal with being molested.

In the previous episodes of Wagle Ki Duniya, we have seen various issues that a common man encounters in daily walk of life being dealt with in an interesting yet amusing way. As the show progresses, the creators are pushing the boundaries to bring to the fore issues that people face in their daily lives. Sakhi, the elder daughter of Rajesh and Vandana Wagle, will be seen falling victim to the lecherous ministrations of someone who has no respect for women whatsoever. The event will affect her badly and she will be seen dealing with the psychological trauma brought on by the aftereffects of the event. It will be interesting to see how the Wagle family unites in this situation to support Sakhi while fighting against the pervading evil of molestation.

What will be the situation at the Wagle family household when they come to know about what happened with Sakhi?

Sumeet Raghavan who essays the role of Rajesh Wagle said, “One thing we pride ourselves on is that Wagle Ki Duniya as a show has always showcased real life concerns and issues faced by people in this country. The upcoming episode is no exception. There has been an ongoing discourse around the safety of women in India and through this storyline we want to highlight the same. Sakhi is a young adult and will come across a situation that will also affect her mental health. At this point, Rajesh as a responsible father who loves his daughter and worries for her safety will stand with her along with the family to fight through the situation. How things will unfold going ahead is still a question. For that you will have to watch Wagle Ki Duniya on Sony SAB.”