Yuvaan will have his task cut out in Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance as he will don a new look

Yuvaan to don Sardar's look in Papa By Chance

Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance (Full House Media) will see an interesting track wherein Yuvaan (Zebby Singh) will dress up as a sardar!!

Yuvaan will in the upcoming track get to know that Harman Batra (Jiten Lalwani) is trying to sell his office for good money. In order to stop this from happening, he will go in the guise of the prospective buyer.

As per sources, “Yuvaan will pose to be the buyer before Harman and will also try to stop the deal from happening. However, Batra will see the Sardar with the kids of Yuvaan and this will give him doubts.”

Will Batra be able to identify Yuvaan? How will Yuvaan put his plan into action?

We buzzed artists but could not get through for a comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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