Love triangle to kickstart in Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance with the entry of Sheen Das aka Ginny.

Yuvaan to get closer to Ginny; Amrit to get jealous in Papa By Chance

Star Bharat’s show Papa By Chance produced by Full House Media has recently seen the enrty of Sheen Das in the role of Ginny who is the beautiful daughter of the Principal (Krunal Pandit) in school.

The track will now get into a love triangle zone wherein Yuvaan (Zebby Singh) will try to get closer to Ginny with an intention of securing his kids’ place in the school. On the other hand, Amrit (Sana Sayyed) will slowly but steadily develop feelings for Yuvaan but will not be able to understand that she is falling in love with him. Also she will be disturbed to see Yuvaan with Ginny.

Meanwhile, the kids will notice the negative side of Ginny wherein she will threaten them for every small thing.

All this will lead up in Amrit and the kids joining hands in keeping Ginny away from Yuvaan, and also bringing Yuvaan closer to Amrit.

Will the game plan succeed? Or will Yuvaan get attracted towards Ginny?

We buzzed the artists but could not ge through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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