Yuvaan will get embroiled in a dangal fight in order to win the ticket to Bangkok in Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance.

‘Dangal’ time for Yuvaan in Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance

Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance (Full House Media) will see an interesting ‘Dangal’ playout wherein Yuvaan (Zebby Singh) will decide to earn huge money by fighting it out with a wrestler.

As per the track, Yuvaan will need money to go to Bangkok and hence he will decide to earn the winning prize, which will be a ticket to Bangkok.

But as he will be fighting the dangal, he will realize that the second prize winner will get a washing machine!!

This will work in his mind as he will get reminded of the manner in which the school authorities had scolded him for sending kids in dirty uniforms.

As per sources, “This will be the moment wherein Yuvaan will get the realization that he needs to be for the kids at the same place. Hence he will decide to lose the match, and get the washing machine instead of the Bangkok ticket.”

Yes, the show that revolves around parenting will see this huge high point wherein Yuvaan will get the first thought as a parent and will decide to do what is best for his kids.

Will Yuvaan lose the match to secure the washing machine for his kids?

We buzzed the artists but could not get through to them.

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