Sony SAB’s Ziddi Dil – Maane Na is set to bring an exciting twist in the lives of Dr Monami (Kaveri Priyam) and Karan (Shaalien Malhotra). The upcoming episodes will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats as Karan and Monami get into an argument and Monami decides to leave the camp.

Talking about the upcoming twist, Kaveri Priyam, essaying the role of Dr Monami, said, “Monami’s feelings for Karan are evident, and she gets affected by every little thing Karan does. The viewers will witness Monami and Karan get into an ugly fight in the upcoming episodes as Karan thinks Monami’s behaviour was reckless. She should have thought before taking this extreme step of slapping the guy who troubled Pooja and Koel. Due to this fight, Monami leaves the camp and heads towards the jungle. Little did she know that new troubles would be waiting for her in the jungle. Monami’s life is in danger. Will Karan find Monami? Will he save her? To know this, stay tuned and watch our exciting line of episodes in the next few days!!

Talking about the exciting episodes, Shaalien Malhotra, essaying the role of Karan Shergill, said, “Karan and Monami have two different personalities, and their way of approaching a particular situation is poles apart. Karan thinks Monami’s way of handling Koel and Pooja’s matter was not right, and he couldn’t control his anger and ends up shouting at her. Karan’s words hurt Monami, and she leaves the camp. Later, Karan realises his mistake and decides to find Monami. Will Karan find Monami? How will Karan and Monami reconcile? I can assure you that the next few episodes are very intriguing, and our fans shouldn’t give it a miss! So, get on this fascinating journey with us!