Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana the Star Plus show produced by Zama Habib’s Qissago Telefilms has seen the engaging drama of Amrita (Esha Kansara) getting to know the truth about her parents contemplating her remarriage. She argued with her parents and immediately had left home.

Back at the Sakhuja house, Amrita in the coming episodes will question the thought of one and all over her future. While she will tell her father that it was not acceptable of him to think of her remarriage without her knowledge, Amrita’s thoughts will also stun the Sakhuja family elders.

Nimmo will be very happy when Amrita will announce to one and all that she will never marry anyone as Karan still lives within her and around her. She will tell all that it is only because of the love that she has for Karan, she is not willing to get married again. The Sakhuja family will be shocked to hear her view as Amrita will also mention clearly that it has nothing to do with the Sakhuja family, and that it is her love for Karan that is stopping her.

Well, what will happen next?