Falguni to appear in a new look in the show.

Tanvi Dogra to don a Haryanvi look in Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa

Star Bharat’s popular show Jiji Maa (Jay Productions) has seen the big twist in the tale of Uttara (Pallavi Pradhan) putting the entire blame of the air balloon fiasco on Falguni (Tanvi Dogra).

Now, Falguni will come up with the new twist in order to get to the truth!!

Tanvi Dogra will don a new avatar, that of a Haryanvi village belle now!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

As per the ongoing plot, Falguni has been blamed, and the family has thrown her out of the house. Falguni has also been told by Uttara that she should not try to play her dirty games, as it will only mean a threat to the life of Niyati (Bhavika Sharma).

In order to give it back to Uttara and take revenge, Falguni will don the new avatar and will get into one of the villages of Jaipur.

As per a reliable source, “Falguni will now be called Lajwanti. She will don a Haryanvi belle look, and will be seen in salwar kameez. She will also pose to be Falguni when Uttara will get a doubt about her being a look-alike of Falguni.”

Will Falguni as Lajwanti take revenge from Uttara?

We buzzed Tanvi but did not get to hear from her.

Watch this space for more updates.

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